New Year

1st January, 2020

National Calisthenics Conference

(Adelaiede Convention Centre)
17th January, 2020

Australia Day

27th January, 2020

Adelaide International Tennis Memorial Drive

North Adelaide
12th January – 18th January, 2020

Tour Down Under

16th January – 26th January, 2020

SRC Conference (Adelaide Convention Centre)

14th – 15th January, 2020

Fringe Festival

14th Februrary – 15th March, 2020

Superloop Adelaide 500

20th February – 23rd February, 2020


6th March – 9th March, 2020

Adelaide Cup Week End

6th March – 9th March, 2020


10th April – 13th April, 2020

ICEF Australia / New Zealand Australian Conference

(Adelaide Convention Centre)
15th April – 17th April, 2020

Lions Club Conference

(Australian wide)
15th May – 19th May, 2020

State of Origin Football (Adelaide Oval)

3rd June, 2020

Royal Show

4th September – 13th September, 2020

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